Some projects I have been involved with:

Base 10 Labs

Back in 2009, several companies had approached Ricardo Garcia with their challenges in audio related problems. Some of them were simple signal processing projects, but most of them required some sort of esoteric and creative engineering solution. After a handful of these projects were successfully completed, Base 10 Labs was born, offering consulting services for signal processing, audio and engineering designs.




Señal Nocturna

Crumbs Software

Open source software for electronic document management and discovery

About Me

This is the website of Ricardo A. Garcia, with some information about my audio research, publications and interviews. My research interests include: Sound Synthesis, Algorithmic representation of DSP routines, DSP for sound modeling, Psychoacoustics, Sound, music and media enconding/decoding, Audio Watermarking and data hiding, Cognitive models for music and sound,Read More